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UK College Esports Championships at NUEL Live 2017


The NUEL, a collegiate esports organizer in the UK, will be hosting their CS:GO and League of Legends Grand Finals March 24th-25th. The event will take place at the University of Birmingham in a 420-seat arena.

The event will consist of much more than the esports finals. The Facebook Event Page lists industry talks, casual gaming, side tournaments, and an after party. The page introduces the event:


“Immerse yourself in a day of esports at NUEL Live.

Celebrate the end of another NUEL season with your team, enemies and the staff that make all this possible.

Watch the finals of our LoL & CS:GO championships live, show us your skills in person and finish the season off partying with the rest of the community.”


The side tournaments/gaming activities are not confirmed, but will likely include Rocket League, Smash Bros, and Hearthstone.

The doors open at 1pm, see the full details on the Facebook page.



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