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Tiffin University Launches Varsity Esports Program

Tiffin University, located in Tiffin, OH, has launched a varsity esports program.

The program will support any esport title that offers competition. It is unclear if these must be college-only competitions or if teams will be competing in amateur and professional events.

The University is fully committed to this endeavor with the construction of a stand-alone esports complex featuring a training room and gaming lounge. Scholarship opportunities are $1,000 – $3,000 per student.

Two Tiffin University faculty members, Steve Borawski and Dr. Michael Kidd, are leading the program.


“This program takes gaming to the next level,” said eSports Coordinator Michael Kidd. “Tiffin University has identified eSports as an untapped area of student interest to embrace, and has created an innovative program that will attract gamers from around the world.”



The program and 4,000 sq ft gaming arena is set to open in Fall 2017.




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