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NYIT Takes a Step Towards Varsity Esports

The New York Institue of Technology (NYIT) has launched CyBears which offers support for the esports and gaming club on campus. The CyBears have not announced a varsity program or scholarships for esports players, but the athletic department is funding the esports team’s computers. This appears to be the first step towards a formal varsity program.

The new initiative has been made possible through coordination between the club leaders and the Athletic Director, Duane Bailey. Bailey stated:

“I was absolutely thrilled when our students approached me about starting an esports team. I’m a firm believer that there can be a place for esports and traditional sports in college. Esports opens more possibilities for us, with a whole new audience to engage, and to extend the NYIT brand.”

The Athletic Director’s support can help NYIT establish a varsity esports program in the future.

NYIT is an NCAA members school with over 8,000 undergraduate students located in New York, NY.


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