Big Ten Network Will Broadcast League of Legends Collegiate Finals

In case you missed it, the Big Ten Network (BTN) has been broadcasting collegiate League of Legends. The Big Ten Network is the first network dedicated to broadcasting a single collegiate athletic conference. The network reaches approximately 90 million households nationwide. The network focuses on the Big Ten schools which include: Michigan Northwestern Michigan State …

AVGL Paladins Player Spotlight

    Evulli is a Paladins player from Kalamazoo Valley Community College. He currently competes in the AVGL Paladins College League. From the Youtube Description:   Find us on social media: Follow us on Twitch: Special thanks to: Emily Sigler @RustyBodega     Follow @college_esports

CS:GO Player Spotlight | Kosonati

University of Kentucky CS:GO Player Spotlight. From the video description by the AVGL:   Published on Mar 3, 2017 Find us on social media: Hop in our Discord: Special thanks to: Joe Haverkos Chris Smith –… @RustyBodega Follow @college_esports

A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports

    Youtube video description by Heroes of the Storm: “In 2015, Heroes of the Dorm shocked the world as the biggest collegiate tournament on National Television. The following year, the Heroic Four aimed to take the spirit of competition to higher heights. This is their story. Play Heroes now:… Subscribe to our YouTube …